March Update – Register Now!

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Hi All Pirates, 

We are now just 2 weeks away from the season starting for the majority of our senior teams! Non-premier grades start the weekend of the 1st to 3rd of April with Premier grades commencing over the following fortnight.  Our juniors kick-off over the last weekend of April.  


As previously communicated, registrations are open! It’s vitally important that everyone is registered prior to their first playing date to ensure you are covered by the relevant insurances and so we do not incur fines for playing unregistered players. Please register by following the link below: 

If you unable to make full payment, please reach out to Matt @ to arrange a payment plan.  

Uniform and Training Gear: 

A reminder that Republic of Hockey are our equipment and uniform supplier, and all uniform and training attire can be purchased from their Burswood store, 2/94 Burswood Rd, Burswood WA 6100.

Team Nominations: 

Hockey WA have provided the competition grade allocations to all clubs for a final review. These have been developed based on nominations from all of the clubs and the new 10 team per grade rule introduced for season 2022. This has meant some CUHC teams have been moved up a grade. 

Our senior grades for Season 2022 are as follows; 

Women: Premier League 1 &  2, Div 4,6,7,8,9, Metro 4’s and O/35 Div 4; 

Men: PremierLeague 1 & 3, Div 5, 7 Black, 7 Gold, 8, 9 and O/60’s Div 1;

We have nominated a number of additional sides this year based on pre-season attendance and communicated intentions. Ultimately we need everyone to register ASAP. 


Thanks to all for following the COVID-19 protocols at PHS. We have already started to see infections within our membership and it is expected that this will continue throughout the early part of the season. Please ensure you are following the Government advice around isolation protocols and close contact definitions.  

You may have seen CUHC branded masks around PHS and trainings. Due to the success of the first batch, Meredith (aka Red) has just placed an order for an additional 50, so please see her at training if you are looking to purchase one (masks being sold for $15 each).

With respect to Hockey, Hockey WA have introduced some new rules for season 2022 aimed at ensuring we are able to play as much hockey as possible throughout these challenging times.  

Key points are: 

  • If a team has five or more players unavailable due to WA Government guidelines:
    • The game can be requested to be re-scheduled to another date and time; or
    • A request can be made for up to an additional 2 double up players from a lower grade, and the game must then be played. 

Examples of WA health measures which would count towards such a reschedule would be players isolating due to a positive test, isolating while a test result is pending, isolating due to travel or a household member undertaking quarantine. 

  • Promotion and Relegation will be active if every team in the grade plays every other team at least once in the season. In the event a full season is unable to be completed a ladder would be formed from only the first time each sides played one another and this would be used to adjudicate promotion and relegation standings.  
  • Finals participation will be based on the competition ladder, as per the final standings of a full or partially completed season.  
  • All non-premier teams that do not typically get Hockey WA supplied panel umpires will need to provide their own umpire for each fixture, much like the vets and Metro grades have done for some time. This is supported by the new 10 team per grade allocation, meaning the traditional umpiring byes no longer exist.  

As the season evolves it’s important to stay on top of the latest government advice, and we will communicate any further details from Hockey WA as they become available.  

Entertainment Books: 

Entertainment Books are available once again. If you are looking to purchase a book to access some great saving on dining and activities, please follow the link below to support the club: 

Casual Opportunities at PHS: 

PHS are advertising causal work opportunities for roles in the Bar, as Ground Controllers and Ground Maintenance. Being on campus, these roles may be a good fit for any students looking for part time work. Please contact if you are interested in finding out more. 

Stay safe, and we will see you at the Hockey soon! 


Thomas Reid


Curtin University Hockey Club

0400 662 660