2021 Fees and Discounts

Premier Grades$600.00
Premier Grades - University Student$538.78
Premier Grades - Goalkeeper (with own gear)$322.32
Premier Grades - University Student + Goalkeeper (with own gear)$291.70
Non-Premier Grades (Other Grades)$510.00
Non-Premier Grades (Other Grades) - University Student$448.78
Non-Premier Grades (Other Grades) - Goalkeeper (with own gear)$277.32
Non-Premier Grades (Other Grades) - University Student + Goalkeeper (with own gear)$246.70
Masters (Midweek Turf)$505.00
Metro & Masters (Saturday Grass)$385.00
Metro & Masters (Saturday Grass) - University Student$323.78
Metro & Masters (Saturday Grass) - Goalkeeper (with own gear)$214.82
Metro & Masters (Saturday Grass) - University Student + Goalkeeper (with own gear)$184.20
Junior (9/10 & 11/12)$200.00
Junior (9/10 & 11/12) - Goalkeeper (with own gear)$116.56
Junior (7/8)$160.00
Junior (5/6)$125.00
Junior (3/4)$103.67
Casual Turf$61.98 *
Casual Grass$61.98 †
Social Member$20.00

† plus an additional $25 per game played.
* plus an additional $30 per game played.

Additional Discounts

A player who plays for two grades.$110.00 discount off their combined playing fees.
A player who coaches (committed to their team's games and training).50% discount off their playing fees.
A player who plays for both a junior and senior grade.Junior playing fees waived.

Fees, Levies, Surcharges, and Discounts

We understand that there may be some confusion around the 2021 Fee Structure and the new registration system. Below is a breakdown of how the club arrived at the fee structure for 2021, using Premier 1 & Premier 2 fees for 2021 as an example.

  • Base Fee 2020: $456.58
  • ~19% Increase on 2020 Base Fee: $544.26
  • HA Levy Senior: $43.00
  • Revolutionise Sport Surcharge: 3.5%

Total Cost : ( (544.261.6)/(1-0.02)+43 = $600.00

  • The HA Levy is for High Performance Athlete programs and also includes personal accident insurance for players.
  • The 19% increase to the 2020 Base Fee is based upon Hockey WA increasing their affiliation costs.
  • Revolutionise Sports Surcharge is the cost of using the new online registration portal provided by Hockey Australia.
  • You will notice this year that payments to the club are required to go through the registration system. This is because:
    • All HA Levy payments have to be made through the system, regardless
    • Player registration is now linked to financial status through the system

The discounts for 2021 have not changed and are as follows:

  • Curtin Student Discount : $60
  • Coaching Discount : 50% off base fee
  • Goalkeeper with own gear : 50% off base fee
Queries & Payment Plans

If you have any questions regarding the 2020 Fee Structure or you would like to set up a payment plan please email Adam Piggott (treasurer@cuhc.org.au)