Curtin University & Pirates Future Plan

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Curtin University & Pirates Future Plan – Information Session (includes raffle draw)

Saturday August 20th commencing 4.30pm

Manning clubrooms


The Management Committee of CTP invite all members to attend an information session to celebrate our re-affiliation with Curtin University as at June 1st 2016.


The university is keen for us to grow to become the ‘UWA of the South’ and have helped us develop a strategic plan (attached) to work towards.  You will see where we are heading and how big our club could become.


There are a number of requirements for us to maintain Curtin Affiliation (attached). We already achieve most of this however we need to work on increasing the percentage of student and alumni members, along with ensuring 2 current students hold positions on the Management Committee.  The main change will be the renaming from CTP to CUHC (Curtin University Hockey Club Inc) as of the 2017 hockey season.


Our historical connection with Trinity College will always be important to us and we will be looking at ways that we can continue to recognize this moving forward.  We retain orange as our main colour along with our ‘Pirates’ nickname and logo, but our playing strip would be highlighted with white instead of navy.


In the strategic plan you will see that a third turf at PHS is mentioned with the intent that this will become our home turf with clubrooms adjacent.  In the meantime Hockey WA (HWA) will support us by providing a temporary clubroom within the grounds of PHS2, from the start of the 2017 season.  As it will be a year or more before the return of Barblett Oval at Curtin both the University and HWA are investigating alternative grass venues in the interim.


This change will mean that we need to update our constitution and bylaws and we will tie this in with changes required under the new Department of Commerce ‘Associations Act 2015’ that came into operation on July 1st.  These updated documents will then need to be ratified by members at the AGM later this year.


The current CTP Management Committee feel strongly that the offer from Curtin University secures the future of our club.  Please email any questions or queries that you may have or speak to a committee member.


Strategic Plan document can be found here.
Curtin Affiliation Sporting Requirements document can be found here.